Rugged Seas & STERNLINES Canvas Bib Tote (Navy/ Yellow)

Rugged Seas & STERNLINES Canvas Bib Tote (Navy/ Yellow)

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Maine fishermen are no stranger to rough waters, but they always know that their community will stand behind them. That’s why we are rallying behind our local fishermen! STERNLINES and Rugged Seas have joined forces in launching a limited-run tote bag to benefit the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association.

This heavy-duty bag sits atop a bottom panel of recycled hauling bibs. Waterproof and tough-as-nails, fishing bibs can stand up to years of abuse on the open seas, a testament to their worthiness for your beach days or grocery grabs. Side panels sourced from ultra-thick reclaimed working canvas are reminiscent of New England’s weathered charm with a thick durable weave and one-of-a-kind patina. Topped off with reclaimed Maine lobster rope handles once used to haul traps out of the Atlantic, every component of these totes is time proven and industry tested.

These authentic totes give back to the backbone of our coastal communities, the lobstering industry, by donating 100% of profit proceeds from the auction to the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association. This nonprofit organization works to ensure that Maine’s fisheries have access to a sustainable environment and infrastructure in coming decades; acting to protect employment, natural resources, and Maine’s coastal identity. Four handmade totes are up for auction and every entry brings a chance to win part of New England’s fishing legacy while ensuring that the tradition of lobstering thrives for generations to come.